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5 Ways to Make Healthier Food Choices When You’re Strapped for Time

By February 25, 2018 No Comments
Making healthy food choices when busy

There’s a reason why “fast food” has the name it does – at times it can just seem so much more convenient than cooking a healthy meal or snack from scratch. If you’re strapped for time (which, let’s face it, who isn’t?), making healthy food choices can seem time-consuming and often way too hard.

To help you make healthier food choices, regardless of how much time you have (or don’t have!) on your hands, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite tips to show you just how quick and easy eating well can be!

1. Start the week with some Sunday food prep

Preparing meals for the week does, unfortunately, take a bit of time, but it will save you plenty in the long run. Whenever you have a free afternoon or evening, try to set aside an hour or two to prepare some healthy lunches and dinners so you have them in the fridge or freezer ready to go.

Knowing a healthy, delicious meal is ready and waiting for you will save you time and stop you from opting for an unhealthy option! Even if you aren’t planning on eating all of your meals that week, look for gaps in your schedule during which you can cook healthy, hearty meals to keep in the freezer and defrost on those days when you just don’t have time to cook.

2. Keep healthy snacks on hand

Prone to cravings and the urge to snack in between meals? Keep healthy snacks on hand to erase the temptation to dive into the office cookie jar. Pack some carrot sticks, activated almonds or goji berries into a ziplock bag to tie you over between meals, or save even MORE time by trying out our delicious Chibbs snacks.

Our Chibbs are all-natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and vegan. They’re made from puffed chickpeas, so they’re packed with fibre to keep you full for longer.

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3. Choose foods that will keep you feeling full for longer

As important as it is to take a break and move your body during the working day, sometimes busy days sneak up on us and we simply don’t have time for a proper break. Plan ahead by choosing foods that will keep you feeling fuller for longer so you don’t need to snack.

Foods high in sugars and artificial sweeteners can cause you to crash (hello, 3pm slump!), while meals high in fibre and protein will keep burning gradually to ensure you stay switched on and full on even the busiest of days.

4. Choose foods that don’t require preparation

Keep your food choices simple to cut down on preparation time. There are so many delicious, fresh foods that you can eat whole without having to cook or prepare them! Think fresh fruits like apples, bananas and pears (bonus points for fruits that don’t need slicing, chopping or peeling!) and fresh veggies like carrot or celery.

Don’t forget about frozen fruits and vegetables too! Frozen fruits are often cheaper, plus they contain a similar number of nutrients and vitamins to their fresh counterparts (plus you can keep them for far longer, making them an EXTRA time saver!)

5. Embrace the smoothie bag

We’ve already talked about how the freezer will be your time-saving, healthy-eating best friend when it comes to main meals, but don’t forget about the humble smoothie. You can blend pretty much anything, from your fruits to your veggies, so if you don’t have the time to sit down for a full meal why not opt for a delicious smoothie instead?

To save yourself even more time, try creating a smoothie bag. Pop your desired quantities of frozen fruits, veggies and even supplements into a freezer bag so when it’s go-time all you need to do is pour them into your blender or NutriBullet, add liquid, and blend away!

Making healthier choices can seem intimidating at the best of times, and a busy schedule doesn’t help things. By working a few time-saving tips into your routine you’ll develop new, healthier eating habits and surprise yourself by the amount of time you have left on your hands!

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