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3 big reasons why you’re exhausted all the time

By January 23, 2018 No Comments
Why you're exhausted all the time

Feeling tired is, unfortunately, a fact of life. After a busy holiday season, a hectic week at work or a late night out, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little weary. However, it’s important to realise the difference between feeling tired on the odd occasion and feeling exhausted around the clock.  

Serious fatigue makes it hard to get anything done and can feel like there’s a weight pushing down on your shoulders. If you’re feeling this way all the time, your work-life-balance is going to suffer. As we ease our way into the New Year, it’s time to shake up our routines to ensure we have as much energy as possible throughout 2018.   

Here are some reasons why you might be feeling exhausted all the time.  

1. You’re Eating The Wrong Foods 

Eating the wrong foods could be as simple as picking high-sugar snacks that lead to an inevitable crash, or as complex as a food intolerance. Firstly, try cutting out sugary and caffeinated foods and drinks and see how you feel. Excess sugar can be a major cause of fatigue. If we fuel our bodies with sugar, we deliver ourselves a quick energy spike followed by an even quicker crash, leading to exhaustion.  

Our Stamina State Snacks are designed to help you avoid that dreaded crash. Our snacks are sugar-free, as well as all-natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and vegan, so switching out your usual afternoon snack for a packet of our snacks might be a quick solution. You can shop the range here. 

If cutting out sugar and caffeine doesn’t work, try keeping a food diary to see if any patterns emerge, as that exhausted feeling could be the symptom of a food intolerance. If you can’t shake the fatigue, it’s worth checking in with a healthcare professional to see if it could be related to your diet.  

2. You Aren’t Getting Enough Quality Sleep

This sounds like an obvious one, but there’s so much more to a good night’s sleep than just going to bed early. It’s recommended that adults get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night, but those hours need to be quality sleep, not just time spent physically in bed. This means that those hours spent scrolling through Instagram don’t count!  

Getting the recommended amount of deep, restful slumber is easier said than done, so try implementing an evening ritual to help ease you into a quality sleep each night.  

  • Switch off your phone for at least an hour before bedtime (the blue light from our electronic devices is designed to mimic daylight, meaning it stimulates your brain and actually tricks you into thinking it’s daytime!) 
  • Steer clear of caffeine and sugar from the afternoon through to the evening.  
  • Ensure you aren’t going straight to bed after eating a heavy dinner.  
  • Try having a warm bath if you need to unwind a little. 

These tips will not only make it easier for you to fall asleep once your head hits the pillow, but they’ll also help you fall into a deeper, higher quality sleep state. If you still struggle to fall asleep, or if you wake up after 8 hours of sleep and still feel exhausted, the quality of your rest may be affected by a sleep disorder. These are surprisingly common and are, of course, worth visiting a doctor or sleep specialist about.  

3. You’re Burnt Out

There’s a difference between feeling tired and feeling burnt out. While many people believe burnout is simply a feeling of fatigue that you can shape out, burnout is really a result of ongoing chronic stress. If you’re working beyond your means and scrambling to find enough hours in the day, you could be spiralling towards a burnout.  

While many of us feel exhausted after a hard day at work, it can be dangerous to tell yourself that feeling exhausted all the time is normal. If you’re feeling increasingly negative and can’t manage to summon any more energy, it’s worth taking some time off to care for yourself. Taking the time to recalibrate and re-energise is important for your mental health and can be incredibly beneficial in shaking that exhaustion. A bit of time for yourself will also prevent you from slipping in your professional and personal lives due to a lack of motivation and energy.   

It’s important to realise that a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion 24/7 is simply unhealthy, and you should never feel guilty for needing a bit of a break. Keep your sugar intake to a minimum, ensure you get a healthy 8 hours whenever possible and give yourself a little bit of “me time”, and you’ll reap the benefits of feeling energised and motivated well into the new year.  

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